Washer Dryer White

Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White

Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White
Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White
Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White
Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White

Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White  Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White

Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi - White. The I-Pro Series 5 range of washer dryers offers tailored solutions for professional-level laundry at home. Generous capacities, dedicated programs, and ultimate hygiene for clothes are guaranteed. Powered by the innovative Direct Motion motor for reliability, silent operation, and precise drum movement.

Unique features like I-Time management and I-Refresh cycle. Can connect to the hOn App for extra features. I-Refresh programs refresh clothes effectively using micro vapor technology to remove odors, dust, allergens, and creases.

Haier's Direct Motion Motors are beltless, reducing noise, vibration, energy, and water consumption. Simulates delicate hand washes and designed to last with international patent. Certified Results for Professional Hygiene. Experience professional sanitizing with I-Refresh function for a deeper clean. Certified results for hygiene based on tests on Staphylococcus aureus and Escherichia coli.

More Hygiene for Your Wash. Smart Dual Spray system ensures a hygienic wash and improves machine durability. Anti-Bacterial Treatment (ABT®) protects against mold and bacteria in sensitive areas. Impressive Washing and Drying Capacity. Large drum diameter of 525mm with a washing capacity of up to 10kg and drying capacity of 6kg.

Suitable for all types of garments, including large, small, and delicate. The hOn App decodes washing symbols, creates a virtual inventory, and provides optimal treatment for each garment.

HOn App offers over 60 specialized cycles, stain treatment tips, weather-based start, efficiency monitoring, and more. Provides self-maintenance planning and remote monitoring. Takes Extra Care with Your Delicates. The drum design ensures delicate fabrics remain in perfect condition with gentle spinning. Illuminate Your Laundry with an Internal Light. Handy interior light for easy loading and unloading.

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Heavy and Bulky Items: For larger and heavier items, we will coordinate with Arrow XL for collection. Defective or damaged items will not incur this charge. Thank you for choosing Renew 2 U. Haier HWD80-B14979 8Kg / 5Kg Washer Dryer with 1400 rpm - White - D Rated.

Haier HWD100-B14939 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Freestanding - White. Haier HWD100-B14979S 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 spin I Pro Series 7 - Graphite. Haier HWD100-B14979 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer I Pro Series 7 - White. This listing is currently undergoing maintenance, we apologise for any inconvenience caused.
Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White  Haier HWD100-B14959U1 10kg / 6kg Washer Dryer 1400 Spin Smart Wifi White